About us

Our story

Baraballerina is a Swedish footwear brand with foldable ballet flats in a matching expandable bag. The brand was founded in Stockholm during the late summer and fall of 2016. The name “Baraballerina” consists of the two Swedish words “bara” and “ballerina”. Bara means “only”, and the word ballerina has the same meaning in English as in Swedish. Baraballerina is best translated as “Ballerinasonly” – which reflects that Baraballerina is a footwear brand of ballet flats/ballerinas only 🙂 Baraballerina had its official release in November 2016 when the first online store was launched.

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Our shoes

The idea behind Baraballerina is to create shoes that are both stylish and comfortable to use every day, but that also are easy to carry along as an extra pair. The choice of the ballet flat was easy. It is a classic and timeless model that is easily combined in outfits of different styles. In addition, ballet flats can easily be made foldable without compromising the design.
Part of the idea was also to create a solution for smoothly carrying the other shoes after a change to Baraballerinas. Therefore, all Baraballerina shoes come with a matching storage bag that can be folded out into a pouch. In the outfolded pouch, you can wear your other shoes when you have switched to your Baraballerinas.
The one thing that we are most proud of with our shoes is that they are so comfortable! Since the shoes have two soles, they are extra flexible and comfortable when walking. The soft edges around the heel also contribute to the high comfort.
Our shoes will always be made of 100% animal free materials.