Rosy Black – foldable ballet flats

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Rosy black – our foldable ballet flats that have the classic black from
Magnetic black and the trendy and stylish nude color from Trendy nude. A perfect combination!

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Classic black foldable ballet flats

These foldable ballet flats are classic black with a trendy and discrete shade of nude on the inside. They are not as bold as Magnetic black with its calme nude colored inside and the black outside makes them more classic and timeless compared to Trendy nude. If you want to have shoes that work for all occassions and that are elegant and discrete, then Rosy black is for you!

Expandable bag

These foldable ballet flats come in an expandable bag, which also makes them perfect for carrying along in your purse and change to when your feet hurt and are sore after a night on high heels or after a long shopping trip around town. After rescuing your feet with your Baraballerinas your other shoes can handily be carried in the expanded Baraballerina bag. Isn’t that smart?!
Foldable ballet flats are also perfect as fancy slippers or indoor shoes when you don’t want to go barefoot. Or why not keep a pair of Baraballerinas in your car so you always can drive comfortably?


The sole is divided into two parts instead of being one long sole (see pictures in the gallery). This makes the shoes adapt better to your feet when you are walking and they don’t feel as flat and stiff as ballet flats often can do. The shoes are also very soft and have no hard edges. This makes them extra comfortable with minimal risk for chafing.


Shoe: PU-leather, outsole in rubber
Purse: PU-leather

The PU-leather used is 100% animal free and suitable for vegans.


S, M and L

Below is a size guide based on what our customers think suits them:

S: 36-37 (inner length 24 cm)
M: 38-39 (inner length 25 cm)
L: 40-42 (inner length 26 cm)

If the shoes feel a bit too small, we recommend wearing them at home for a while until they have expanded a little and adapted to your feet. Since the material is stretchable and the shoes have no hard edges, the sizes are more flexible than for other shoes.

Bag dimensions

Folded: 15 cm x 20 cm
The expandable part is 20 cm high


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